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How to take care of the henna



  • Henna works best on clean hands (or anywhere you are applying it.). So cleanse that area, dry it, and then start applying your henna.

  • Once applied, let it dry, and for best results, keep it on for at least 4 hours or overnight. 12 hours is best.
    • You can even seal your henna so it stays on all night.
    • Try to keep the sealed henna warm
      • by using heating pads
      • Or just under a blanket

  • Take the paste off by scaping gently, you can use some vegetable oil to help take it off.
    • Do not wash it with water.

  • After you take your dried henna out, avoid contact with water, as much as possible. ( you can apply it at night, that way after removing, you can go to sleep, and by morning you will have a beautiful henna stain )
    • make sure you wear some gloves while doing dishes or shampooing.

    • Keep the stain moisturized with natural lotions, you can also use 100% tea tree oil on the designs if you are not allergic.
      • Tea tree oil will help the stain darken once the paste is off.

    • Depending on the skin chemistry, the henna color may be light orange when you take the dried paste off, DON’T worry, the stain will darken in the next 48 hours, try to keep your hennaed area warm and away from water.

  • The stain will last about 4 days - 3 weeks,
    • Depending on how fast your skin regenerates, and how you take care of it.
    • Do not exfoliate or use any product which exfoliates, or renews the skin on the stain.

  • Store the leftover henna back in freezer.