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Q : How long will henna paste last?
A : Best way to store henna paste, is to freeze it. Frozen henna will last about 2 - 3 months. It will last 1 - 3 days in a fridge.
Q : How to defrost frozen henna paste ?
A : Henna paste can be easily defrosted in room temperature. DO NOT microwave, or put in HOT temperatures, as that will kill the paste, and not stain well.
Q : Do I need to prepare my skin for henna ?
A : Yes! for best results, do not use any lotion or skincare product before applying henna. Always use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to cleanse the skin before applying henna.
Q : How long do I keep the paste on the skin ?
A : You should keep it on for atleast 4 hours, Overnight or 12 hours is best.
Q : What to do when the paste is on ?
A : Keep the paste wet and warm as long as posible. To keep it wet, simply apply lemon/sugar syrup or spray with extra hold hair spray when the henna is dry to the touch , but still wet inside. See our Aftercare Instructions.
Q : How to take care of henna stain ?
A : After removing henna paste from skin, Avoid contact with chlorine water ( pool water ) tap water. Do not exfoliate or use skin renewing products.
If you have to go in water, apply some vegetable oil to the stain, as that will be a barrior between te stain and water. Olive oil works best, or you can even use henna balm.
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