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How To Mix Henna
All ways start with Fresh henna.
Start by sifting your henna, if needed.
To mix:
Take some henna in a glass, or clear plastic container, if available.
Add some lemon juice, for about 20g henna, you will need around 1/4 - 1/3 cup.
Do not add all the lemon juice at once, mix in in a little at a time, till you get a thick mash potato like consistency.
Then cover it with a plastic wrap, removing all the bubbles. Or you can use the lid of the container if available.
Let this mixture stand for around 12 hours, at warm ( 75° to 85° Fahrenheit ).
Second Stage:
Now add about 1 - 2 tsp. sugar ( if you live in dry weather, add 1.5 tsp. sugar, and if you live in hot and humid weather add 0.5 - 1 tsp. sugar )
Also add 1 - 1.5 tsp. of Essential oils. ( Some of the best oils are Tea Tree Oil, Cajeput. Lavender oil is best for pregnant women, kids, and people with sensitive skin. )
Mix well until smooth and stringy.
Cover the mixture again, and let it sit for another 12 hours, or until the dye releases.
To see if the dye has been release, simply scrape the top layer, you should see that, the henna underneath is lighter . ( See the Picture ).
At this moment you can strain your henna or use it as is, if your henna powder was nicely sifted.
Now your henna is ready to use.
Simply fill your applicators and Enjoy!
If you are not using the paste within few hours, freeze the paste to preserve it

Henna paste without sugar.

Henna paste with sugar added

Dye release



  • If you are a proffesional or simply trying out different brands of henna, be sure to label your henna. That way you will never mistaken your henna.
  • Dating your henna is also a good idea, that way you will never use an age old henna for your important events.
  • You can also put a blank label on you cones, and every time you thaw your cone, doing that will help you track how fresh your cones are.