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Say NO to Black Henna

Natural henna is not black. Black henna does not exist.Black henna contains a chemical dye called para-phenylendiamine* (PPD) is a dye used in synthetic black hair dye.

Applying PPD on skin can result in blistering, open sores, scarring, and lifelong health problems.

Some “black henna” products include henna powder mixed with PPD, which is also dangerous because you never know how much PPD has been mixed with henna.

Black henna may also contain coal tar, which can also cause severe allergic reactions like swelling, itching, redness.

PPD is used to tattoo because the result is a black stain, which looks very close to real tattoo. However using PPD can scar you for life.

Natural henna is made of leaves from a plant calledLawsonia inermis, which is absolutely safe to use on skin.

Near Black stains can be achieved by using natural henna, and following these tips.