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Sealing the Henna

Making sure the henna paste in on the skin as long as possible, is the key to a good stain.

You can do this by Sealing the Henna, there are many ways of sealing henna. Following are the ways I like to seal my henna.

1. Tape It.

One of my favrite way to seal henna is to tape it, with a Breathable tape. Regulat tape does not work, as that will make you perspire and ruin the design.

Brethable or Micropore tapes can be easily found in your local drug store.

To use, simply stick it to the design, after it dries. Keep the tape on for as long as you can. Minimum for 4 hours. Then simply remove it. When you remove the tape most of the henna will come out.

However it may hurt a little while removing.

2. Spray It

Another way to seal your henna in to spray it with a Strong Hold hair spray, which comes is an aerosol can. Any brand will work, my favrite is "Frozen Stiff Ultimate Hold Hairspray" by Beyond The Zone, available at the Sally's Store.

Lightly spray it on dried henna, and repeat 2 -3 times once the spray is dried.

3. Lemon and Sugar syrup

Traditionally used Lemon/Sugar syrup is easy to make.

In a clean bowl, add a 1.5 tsps sugar and 3 tsps Lemon Juice. Mix till the sugar is compltely dissolved. Apply this mixture on dried henna using a cotton ball or a Q-Tip.
Once the syrup is dried,
wrap your hand in toilet paper, and and secure it by waering a clean sock. You can also use saran wrap on top of the toilet paper.

Use the saran wrap only if you do not sweat during night.