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You will need:
  • A glass
  • Carrot bag
  • An old Stocking
  • Rubber Band

  • Start with putting the carrot bag in a glass.
  • Now add the stocking, and make it stay with the rubber band.
( Double your stocking if possible )
  • Now add all the henna paste in the stocking.
  • Close the ends of the stocking, or tie a knot.
  • Now remove the carrot bag, with the stocking from the glass.
  • Hold the carrot bag tightly, with 1 hand.
  • And pull the tied stocking from the carrot bag.
  • When the stocking is all the way out, you will have, a corrot bag filled with nicely strained henna paste,
  • And a dead stocking :)
You can now easily fill in your applicators.