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My name is Rabia A. the owner of this site. I was born and raised in India and USA. Since i was a child, I was very fond of mehndi, also known as Henna or Mehandi.
Living in india I was very fond of mehndi, we allways used the "premade" cones, After coming to USA I learned that the cones from India/Pakistan were not 100% natural. Even though there were no serious side effects, every time we used those cones sometimes it will itch, turn red a little sometimes, or was just kind of uncomfortable. But continued using thinking it was normal. It was after comming here, and doing some research, I was able to find out that some of those cones contained Kerosine, and other harmful liquids.
That is when I tried mixing my own henna, without any ppd, or harmful ingredients. and after a lot of different recipes, I came up with a few that works like a charm. And so started selling them right here.